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After Five Cigars

Created with the quiet confidence of well-seasoned tobacconists sharing one dream~owning a fine premium cigar…a timeless masterpiece.

A distinctive blend, this work of art, embodies the expertise of nearly 100 years of combined leaf experience.

After dinner and drinks, the name was born, it was after all,

After Five…when time lingers best with a great cigar.

Goals were set on achieving a sophisticated blend perfectly suited for relaxing after a long hard day of work or play, pairing alongside a favorite spirit or coffee, savoring after a delicious meal and selecting for special moments of private indulgence or evenings of special celebration.

With many minds and hands working together this dream finally became a reality.
From its exquisitely designed box to the last draw, this smoke stands alone.

Refined & on point, it’s the perfect cigar, anytime you have the time.

& the only cigar for…  After Five.

“Gentleman you may smoke”
King George Vll, 1901

“Ladies too.”
After Five, 2022


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After Five Cigars

After 5 Cigars • After 5 Cigars NC • Cigars Wilson NC
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